EP6 essays.

EP6 you will be writing a lot of essays this semester.  I will post some examples here so you can see the format and what will be expected of you.  Good luck.

Click on the link to see an example of a five paragraph essay.

Click on the link to see a basic five paragraph essay.


EP5 Greek Mythology Project

EP5 Greek gods, heroes and monsters project.

Use these websites for research:

If you have a god, write about what they are the god of.  Write about their father and mother.  Write about something interesting that they did.

If you have a monster, write about where it lived.  Write about how it came to be.  Was it created by a god or the son or daughter of a god?  Write about its powers and abilities.  If it was killed, who killed it.  Write about anything interesting that happened to it or interesting adventures it had.

If you are writing about a human, write about his or her family.  Why are they special?  Why did they write stories about this human?  Write about exciting adventures the person had.  Write in detail about their life.



Hephaestus:   Hephaestus was the Greek god of fire and crafts.  He was the son of Zeus and Hera.  However, some stories say he was the son of only Hera.  Hephaestus was unlike other gods, in that he was not a perfect physical specimen.  He had a bad leg, so he was not allowed to live on Mt. Olympus with the other gods. 

Hephaestus was a great blacksmith.  He made the armor for the great warrior Achilles.  He also built many of the temples on Mt. Olympus.

Another story about Hephaestus is that he created the first woman.  Her name was Pandora.



EP4 Animal Project

To find information about your animal, go to

You will make a dictionary entry for your animal.  Here is an example:

Tortoise – Any of various terrestrial turtles, especially one of the family Testudinidae, characteristically having thick club-like hind limbs and a high, rounded carapace.

The next will be an encyclopedia entry.  It should look something like this:

     The tortoise is a large land-dwelling reptile.  It is found in many countries around the world but particularly in the Southern Hemisphere where the weather is warm.

     Tortoises have a hard shell that protects them from predators.  The skin on the legs, head and belly is quite soft so the tortoise is able to retract its limbs into its shell to protect itself.

     Most tortoises are herbivorous.  They eat grasses, weeds, flowers, leafy greens and fruits.  Tortoises have a life span about the same as a human, but some have been known to live for 150 years.

     Tortoises can weigh .1 to 300 kg’s.  They can be 6-120 cm’s in size.  Most tortoises are diurnal.  That means they are active during the day and sleep at night.  Most species of tortoise hibernate.  That means they sleep during the cold months of the year.  They wake up when the weather gets warm again and go in search of food.